Artificial Grass - Care and Maintenance

Rain: Rainfall is a great turf cleaner, so is an occasional rinsing with a garden hose. For soiled areas use a low suds household detergent in hot water followed by a thorough rinsing. AZ Turf King has rakes available for purchase to assist with ongoing maintenance.
Leaves/Litter/Soil: Use a blower or broom to sweep away debris on a regular basis. Dirt that ends up in the turf should be raked, swept or blown out as it collects. This goes for putting greens as well.
Pets: Pick up pet droppings as you normally would on any other surface. Use water to rinse the turf for any remaining particles and urine to keep your turf looking great. Do not power-wash feces into turf as it will be harder to get out of the fibers. Urine odor can be neutralized with half vinegar and half water followed by a water flush. Also, using Simple Green is effective too.
Stains: It is much easier to clean a spill sooner rather than letting it set. Remove any solid material with a spatula or scraper. Blot-up liquids with paper towels or clean cloth. You may also absorb liquids with kitty litter and sweep up or vacuum when dry. Simple Green can be used to clean or low suds detergent. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleansers on artificial turf.
Odors: If you have chosen not to use our Zeo-Fill infill, and you have odors in your turf, use a few drops of dish soap per gallon of water and scrub the affected area and then rinse with water. Do not use other cleansers such as bleach or any item with alcohol as they will destroy your artificial grass. If using any chemicals on the turf, make sure it is sufficiently rinsed to get the entire residue off of the blades and through the backing to avoid dulling of the blades
Matting: Periodic brushing against the grain of the turf will fluff up the turf. A synthetic carpet rake works well. Never use metal or wire bristles as these will alter the fibers of the turf.
Chemicals: If using any chemicals (weed/pest sprays, etc) on the turf, make sure it is not oil-based. Sufficiently rinse to get the entire residue off of the blades and through the backing to avoid dulling of the blades. Do not use any form of acids on turf. If ever in doubt what you can use on your turf to clean it, call or email us. Warranty does not cover any chemical damages to turf.
Weeds/Grass: While every effort if made to eliminate any growth there is a possibility there could still be an occasional weed or grass blade find its way along an edge. It is recommended to just pull them out. If weed/grass killer is used please use caution and no OIL-BASED products.
Maintenance Program: Annual cleaning and maintenance is available. Contact our office for more information and to schedule your appointment to keep your turf looking as good as new.

Warranty Information: Details available here.